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Marriage Package

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Marriage Package

This package will be explained deeply about the period of marriage, reasons for the delay in marriage, bride or bridegroom planetary positions and horoscope chart rasi, star, lagan, and direction and distance of residence of the bride or bridegroom and landmarks. Nature of bride or bridegroom and his/her job/business details and his/her family position and brother and sisters’ details. After marriage future lifestyle with husband or wife and when get child and remedies for marriage delay. Like this temple remedies (Puja’s) and mantra remedies (Mantra Puja) above all details explained as per zodiac signs houses and naadi astrology palm leaf.

This package covered total 7 chapters

No-1. General Chapter, No-5 Children Chapter, No-6 Court case Chapter, No-7. Marriage Chapter, No-11. Re-Marriage Chapter,No-13. Shanthi Pharihar Chapter, No-14. Deeksha Pharihar Chapter.

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