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Total Package

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Total Package

This package will be explained deeply about total all 1 to 14th chapter details very deeply explained as per your horoscope disabukthi period form not to end of life date to date explained.

This package is explaining in the below details.

About yourself and education and eye vision and total health condition

Explaining asset benefits and your own property and vehicle purchase

Period of marriage, reasons for the delay in marriage, remedies for getting married. Bride or Bridegroom name, rasi, and lagan, of planetary positions and Bride or Bridegroom the residence direction and distance. After marriage future lifestyle with husband or wife.

This package also explains children's birth and their lifestyle.

Profession, Future Predictions in Regarding Job or Business, Change of Place, Good & Evils in Profession.

Last Birth, Sins Committed, Remedial Measures for Getting Rid of The Effect of The Past Birth's Sins.
Mantra Jepam, Wearing or Raksha (Talisman) For Avoidance of Enemies Troubles Etc.

This package covered from 01 to 14th chapters details very deeply in date to date